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Corporate Giving: How Do South Asian CEOs Fare?

November 26, 2008

Just a quick thought.  While Sudhir’s post “What Should South Asians Do With Their Wealth” does not explicitly delve into the issue of corporate giving, I do think it’s an important issue to think about and discuss.

Much of the wealth generated by South Asian Americans has come about from management level involvement in the corporate sector.  And, as we all know, South Asians have been hugely successful entrepeneurs.  How and to what extent have South Asians made corporate giving a priority in their organizations?

This came to mind because I received an update about the CECP (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy) and, despite the positions of power held by South Asians in corporate America, I could not find any South Asians (or other people of color, for that matter) among their very prestigious ranks.  While the CECP is not a litmus test for civic engagement, it is a random sample of the face of philanthropy in, and arguably for, this country.  And, admittedly, a part of me was embarrassed that my community’s face was not represented.   Where are South Asian CEOs/entrepreneurs in these conversations?  Is corporate giving on their minds?  Or, am I asking too much – for all the reasons discussed in Sudhir’s post.

CEOs and others, what say you?

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