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America’s top philanthropists

December 2, 2008

Venu’s got MBA finals this week, so you’ll be hearing a bit more from me.

Business Week highlighted the top 50 American givers this week.  I didn’t see any South Asians on the list, but then again, there aren’t any among the top 50 richest Americans either.  The accompanying article about how the economic crisis is affecting these givers is interesting too.  I really liked Harvey Najim’s point about having a “fiduciary duty” to society to invest his money well and ensure that it grows so that it can help people through his philanthropic efforts.  In fact, regardless of wealth level, I think some of what this site and this project are about is the “fiduciary duty” that we South Asians have to give back as well.

(Hat tip to Nonprofit Law Prof Blog.)

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