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Monitoring Giving During the Economic Crisis

December 7, 2008

There have been a number of items I wanted to post about this week, but as Archana mentioned, I’ve been inundated with spreadsheets!  Thanks to Arch for providing extra content over the past several days.

One of the items that caught my attention is The Foundation Center’s Mapshots.  The Foundation Center provides three Mapshots:  (1)  a map which  displays the distribution of the most recent giving by U.S. foundations to aid those affected by the downturn; (2)  a map which provide information on the Foundation Center’s “Cooperating Collections” – a network of nearly 400  libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers across the country; (3) and a map which provides information on  giving, assets, and the distribution of community foundations across the nation.

The goal of Mapshots is to assist individual donors, not for profits, and foundations ameliorate the impact of these challenging economic times.  In addition, The Foundation Center is providing intelligent commentary on the economic downturn and philanthropy.

It may be useful, so please check it out and let us know if it was helpful in any way!

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