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Tips for new philanthropists

December 31, 2008

pm_logo_and_barI imagine that many of our readers are new to the world of philanthropy – the purpose of our project is to inspire new donors and volunteers in the South Asian American community, which is coming into its own in terms of philanthropy and civic engagement. 

Well, PhilanthroMedia is running a great series on the top ten things nonprofits would like to tell new philanthropists in response to some very typical statements.  Lesson #1,  a very typical sentiment of new donors, “I want my money to go entirely to programs, and not overhead or administration.”  Paul Shoemaker addresses why this sentiment is not ideal, and how efficient nonprofits still need to build infrastructure and a “holistic enterprise” – just like buying shares in a business.  They’re up to Lesson #6 today, so check it out! 

(Hat tip to the Give & Take blog.)

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