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Chhaya CDC helps South Asians facing foreclosure

January 14, 2009

I thought this recent SAJA Forum article was very scary. South Asians are facing foreclosure at a rate higher than the norm. Chhaya Community Development Corporation (CDC) recently held a press conference about the issue and about what they’re doing to help South Asian immigrants in New York City negotiate with banks and lenders, and become educated about predatory lending.

I know we tend to think of South Asians as monolithic in terms of class, education, wealth, etc. – but our community is diverse along all sorts of lines, including wealth and income. That makes many of us more vulnerable to the current economic crisis than we might think.

I looked around at Chhaya’s website and found it really interesting to see what they’re doing to help South Asian homeowners and tenants, as well as to encourage voting and civic participation. I look forward to seeing more of their research soon because I think it can inform some of SAPP’s projects on philanthropy and civic engagement.

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