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South Asians on both sides of the aisle

February 12, 2009
Eboo Patel (c/o Newsweek and Washington Post)

Eboo Patel (c/o Newsweek and Washington Post)

South Asians were honored this past week on both sides of the aisle.  In this post on the Newsweek/Washington Post “On Faith” blog, Eboo Patel talks about why he accepted the invitation to join President Obama’s faith council, and Governor Bobby Jindal was chosen to give the Republican response to the President’s speech to Congress later this month.

Bobby Jindal (c/o Time)

Bobby Jindal (c/o Time)

In his essay, Eboo talks about the President’s vision for public service by those people who have lost Wall Street jobs, and the power of faith to build bridges for service and cooperation.   And, Bobby Jindal is certainly a force in public service himself and has spoken about the power of private giving to alleviate some of our nation’s biggest challenges.

I look forward to seeing these two South Asians on the national stage, and I hope they will both continue to address the importance of philanthropy and volunteering for our community and our country.

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