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Congrats to Slumdog Millionaire – and children’s charities!

February 24, 2009
c/o Huffington Post

c/o Huffington Post

Congrats to Slumdog Millionaire, winner of 8 Oscars on Sunday!  It was so awesome to see the Bollywood spectacle dance sequence (although – much as I love John Legend – what was up with combining it with the Wall-E song?), and to see the whole cast and crew up on stage celebrating.

South Asians around the world are celebrating, despite controversy about the movie’s depictions of life in Mumbai slums.

There is some related good news for philanthropy – it seems there is a “Slumdog Effect,” with charities that work with street children in India receiving increased interest from potential donors.   Groups like Railway Children, SOS Children’s Villages, and Save the Children have reported an increase in inquiries about how to help.

I wonder how many of these inquiries are from South Asians in North America.  Did any of you see the movie?   Did it make you think of trips to India with school or family?  Did it inspire thoughts of giving for you?

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