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SAPP wants you! An invitation to guest bloggers

March 14, 2009
We’ve been having some great success here on the SAPP blog with insightful guest authors, like Kiran and Shital, and thought-provoking guest features, like the blog forum hosted by Sudhir.
Are you interested in writing about South Asians and philanthropy?  Then you’re in luck…
We’re looking for people to provide commentary on philanthropy and charitable decision making among South Asians, or in general.  What drives you to give?  What should drive people to give?  What are the successes and challenges you’ve experienced while fundraising among South Asians for your own cause?  What are the big lessons you’ve learned while volunteering or serving on a board?  Have you had conversations about giving with family or friends that have been unexpected?
We’re definitely open to guest posts about the charities you’re involved in, but we’d like you to take those specific cases to the next level – how does your charity impact philanthropy overall, or what could it say to the South Asian community in North America more broadly?
If these questions speak to you – and you want your 15 minutes of fame on our website – e-mails us using the “Contact Us” page for more details.  We look forward to reading your thoughts!
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