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Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative Event

April 5, 2009

gse_multipart14742Today I attended an event held by the Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative (AASPI), at Loyola University, Chicago. The event was held to open up discussion about the issue of mental health and suicide prevention in the Asian American community. AASPI, structured the event to create a safe environment for those who have lost loved ones to suicide. They did a wonderful job at fostering healthy discussion around a subject that is taboo in many cultures and societies. Most importantly, the event provided many people the opportunity to meet others who have experienced this type of loss. One of their main goals was to break down the silence and alienation that can form when a loved one commits suicide. This was specifically addressed through the healing ceremony that was held to honor those who where lost to suicide. According to the AAPI, it is very common for friends and family members to avoid or ignore the topic, which can further alienate immediate family members from addressing the loss. This event was held to create a community for people without an outlet for their pain. In addition, AAPI has an initiative of addressing issues of stigma about suicide in the Asian American community. For more information about the cause check out Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative

This event was also co-sponsered by our partners:

Asian American Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

Asian Giving Circle

South Asian Progressive Action Coalition

At SAPP, we often discuss the topic of selecting causes to channel our funds to. Is this a cause that resonates with any of you? If so, what could an initiative such as AASPI do to be an attractive recipient of funds?

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