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Philanthropy by Pakistani Diaspora in the USA

April 8, 2009

The Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) was launched in 2000 and currently stands for promoting philanthropy – primarily in the Pakistani sector of the economy.

A research study conducted by the center sheds light on some key aspects of philanthropy in Pakistani community. With changes in US immigration laws, the Pakistani population in the US increased and currently is representative of a community that consists of young professionals with above average household incomes living in urban areas of large US cities. The Pakistani community strengthen their identity by becoming members of support systems and Pakistan affiliated organizations in the US.

The PCP study found that Pakistani Americans are generous, and actively give to their community. The study also found that the Pakistani community is by and large motivated by their faith and have continued to increase giving, including giving to Pakistan which is the largest recipient of direct giving by the Pakistani community.

Since the lack of trust in the civic sector was cited by respondents in a survey, the PCP study has provided guidelines and methods that facilitate mechanisms for giving (e.g, web based giving, and understanding the tax impacts of giving), promote networking and programs aimed at developing confidence in the civic sector. These guidelines are expected to increase giving money, time and in-kind gifts for causes besides those motivated by faith.

For a community that is fairly young and new in the world of philanthropy in the US, the Pakistani philanthropy has indeed made a sizeable impact and undertaken some very aggressive steps to promote giving.

More info about the PCP can be found under our Resources page.

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