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Chronicle of Philanthropy Live Discussion tomorrow on International Giving

April 15, 2009
Jane Wales (c/o PND)

Jane Wales (c/o PND)

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is hosting a live on-line discussion tomorrow 4/16 at 2pm EST on international philanthropy.  The featured guest will be Jane Wales, president of the World Affairs Council of Northern California, in San Francisco, and director of the Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation at the Aspen Institute, in Washington. As if she’s not impressive enough at this point, she also co-founded the Global Philanthropy Forum!

Here’s a recent interview at Philanthropy News Digest with Jane in which she provides some really interesting commentary on issues we’ve discussed often here at SAPP – the new White House Office of Social Innovation, strategic philanthropy, hard times for nonprofits in the recession.

I love these little on-line forums that the Chronicle does and I encourage you to check it out.  You can take a look at the questions and answers after-the-fact as well in case you’re not free at the exact time.  They usually get a really good conversation going.

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