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Jobs for Change & What Motivates Your Giving?

May 17, 2009

Sorry for the blogging hiatus, everyone – Venu and I have been traveling and finishing up our respective semesters while keeping up with work.  I hope the summer is starting out well for all of you!

Two links to start off the new week:

Rosetta Thurman, one of SAPP’s favorite bloggers to follow, will be blogging at Jobs for Change, a new initiative of  She’ll be dispensing career advice for those of you aspiring nonprofit and philanthropy professionals.  Jobs for Change is:

a national initiative to help recruit more Americans into careers in the nonprofit, government, and social enterprise sectors. The initiative is being launched in partnership with more than a dozen leading nonprofit organizations including AmeriCorps Alums, Campus Compact, Network for Good, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, New Organizing Institute, and Echoing Green.

(c/o, RBG6)

(c/o, RBG6)

And, Asian American Giving blog does a nice recap of a NY Times article about “philanthropy economics.”  What makes people give?  Matching grants are an incentive, but not as much as you’d think.  Tax benefits are a driving force for sure, but so is the “warm glow” we feel when we give, and the public recognition we receive.  More and more, researchers are trying to empirically test these hypotheses and prove what drives donors to give.

You knew I’d ask:   What motivates you to give?

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