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May 29, 2009

The Interplast blog profiles a new book by Princeton professor Peter Singer entitled, “The Life You Can Save:  Acting Now to End World Poverty.”  Interplast, one of my own favorite organizations, is featured in the book to demonstrate how a small change through surgery for a cleft lip or a burn injury in India, Peru, or a host of other countries can change a child’s life and economic potential.

More than just focusing on particular organizations like Interplast, the book also looks at the psychology of giving.  Singer states in his book:

“Research has shown that people are more likely to give if they know that others are giving.  So we need to be upfront about our giving.”

That is one of SAPP’s goals, to provide a forum where YOU can discuss your own giving, share with other donors, and where we can celebrate successes, like some of the South Asian gifts we’ve highlighted here through news stories and guest posts.  If you’re interested in sharing your own giving story, please write to us and/or comment here!

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