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Liveblogging MyCharityConnects in Toronto

June 8, 2009

Here I am in my new home of Toronto, liveblogging the MyCharityConnects conference by CanadaHelps, where I’ll be presenting this afternoon on blogging for nonprofits. 

The MyCharityConnects conference will help charities learn about using online technology to improve their fundraising and marketing.

The building is beautiful – the MaRS Discovery District is a nonprofit innovation centre right in downtown and is a gorgeous old building renovated on the inside to be state of the art.

I’m now attending a session by Sarah Prevette of RedWire, one of the organizers of Twestival in Toronto.  She’s talking about how to build an online community – exactly what we’re trying to do here at SAPP!

Sarah says that successful online communities follow three principles, which I am thinking about from the perspective of SAPP:

  1. Be amazing – provide real value.  What distinguishes SAPP and the resources we provide here?  Let us know…
  2. Be accessible –build relationships with people.  Write to us and comment, please.  We really enjoy hearing from you and promise to write you back eventually!
  3. Be authentic – transparency and honesty.  We promise transparency here at SAPP and will share our business plan with you, hopefully very soon.

Right now, Sarah is giving us some Twitter tips, using Twestival as a case study.  Considering that @ArchanaSAPP is on a hiatus, I’m taking some notes for the future, when we get back into Twitter.

We’re going over Facebook and Flickr.  Interestingly, Sarah tells us that while they see participation in Facebook apps, groups and causes declining, they see continued interest in events invitations.  It’s like Facebook invites are the new Evite…

We hope we have SAPP events starting in 2010, including forums for philanthropists and nonprofit executives.  You’ll certainly hear about them through Facebook and this blog!

That’s it for this morning’s session… more to come about my afternoon session later!

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  1. June 8, 2009 8:05 pm

    Sitting in on your session about blogs at MyCharityConnects- right now you are discussing the pros of leaving comments. My web 2.0 experience has to start somewhere.

  2. asridhar permalink*
    June 8, 2009 9:50 pm

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Dave! So glad you were at the session, please keep in touch!

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