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How does your charitable giving measure up?

June 10, 2009

So, reading the Globe and Mail in Toronto yesterday, I learned that 23 million people in Canada gave to charity last year, and the average donation was $437 Can., which is about $393 in U.S. dollars.  Happily, this average number was up from $400 Can. in 2004, although charities are worried that the current recession may not sustain this increase over the next couple of years.

Here’s some more detail from CTV:

According to the survey, the top 25 per cent of donors were responsible for 82 per cent of total donations, while the top 25 per cent of volunteers were responsible for 78 per cent of total unpaid work.

The top 25 per cent donors, those who gave $364 or more, were more likely to be older, have a higher household income and to have more formal education. They were also more likely to be employed, widowed or attend a religious service on a weekly basis.

Via Service Nation‘s Facebook feed, however, the U.S. side of that story may be a little more of a downer.  On the same report, but via the Post:

Charitable giving in the United States fell by 2 percent last year, the largest year-over-year drop and only the second decline since the Giving USA Foundation began tracking American philanthropy 53 years ago…

How does your giving measure up? Do you and other South Asians you know give at an average level?   Is the recession affecting your giving?  Do you find that you, your friends, or relatives tend to give more if you attend temple, mosque, or church regularly?  If you’re happy with your employment situation?

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