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Give2Asia Talks About Asian Philanthropy in the UK

August 19, 2009

Our friend at Give2Asia, Dien Yuen, recently wrote a very interesting piece on the Give2Asia blog about Asian giving in the UK.  Her post is particularly interesting and relevant for our mission here at SAPP because she interviews Bala Thakrar, executive director and founder of the Asian Foundation for Philanthropy. The Asian Foundation for Philanthropy (AFP) provides a channel for people to contribute to poverty reduction in India. According to its mission statement, the organization tries to create an innovative movement of positive action through raising awareness, transference of skills and donating to worthy causes in India.  (Archana posted a little bit about Dien’s post and BAT here.)

According to Dien, Bala established AFP in 2005 to connect the British Asian diaspora to innovative social change initiatives in India. Dien’s interview also brings to light the global lack of information about Asian and South Asian giving.  We here at SAPP would certainly like to help remedy that lack — and it’s wonderful to have a colleague like Dien, and a resource like Give2Asia, in that effort.

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