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Apply for This!: Harvard Business School scholarship

January 13, 2010

The Asian American Giving Philanthropy Journal recently announced a scholarship at the Harvard Business school this upcoming July. Below is more information, please visit the Asian American Giving Blog regarding the scholarship.

The Harvard Business School Asian American Alumni Association (HBS4A) will be sponsoring a full tuition, room, board, and materials scholarship for a non-profit executive director to attend the Strategic Perspective Non-Profit Management Program at Harvard Business School this July.

HBS4A was founded in 2003 as the first Asian American alumni club from a top MBA program and was also the first to launch an Asian American non-profit leadership scholarship program.

Previous organizations which have benefited from the HBS4A scholarship include the New York Asian Women’s Center in 2006, the Chinese Community Center in Houston in 2007, the Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Association of Philadelphia in 2008, and the Chinese Information and Service Center of Seattle in 2009.

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