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Why should South Asians give to Haiti?

January 14, 2010

This question was the subject of an interview I just did with Masala Canada, a radio show of Radio Canada International out of Montreal.  The interview will be up tomorrow afternoon – so come back soon and I’ll post the link…

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot after posting yesterday and seeing the continuing tragic news come out of Haiti.  This essay by journalists Todd Shea and Ethan Casey on why Pakistanis should give to Haiti sums up my thoughts as well (emphasis theirs):

You, as Pakistanis who are also Americans, and as affluent and highly skilled professionals, can help. Please do help. Many of you are physicians, and your skills could save lives. Those of you who responded after the earthquake in Pakistan have experience that could be invaluable in Haiti…

Thank you. Let’s make this another finest moment for the Pakistani-American community. As a Haitian woman memorably told the young Paul Farmer, “Tout moun se moun” – all people are people. We’re all human beings, fellow children of God, and we need each other. Right now, millions of suffering Haitians need us.

(H/T Shree)

One thing this blog has taught me is that South Asians are very diverse in their giving – from giving to causes here in North America, to giving around the world.  I’m sure this will translate into resources, talents and prayers for Haiti too…

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