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More on Haiti – AIF and giving tips

January 22, 2010

c/o Partners in Health

Haiti is still on all our minds and seems to be the great philanthropic cause of our time…

The American India Foundation just started a Haiti Relief Fund, proving once again my thoughts on the powerful diversity of South Asian giving:

In the aftermath of the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake and the 2004 Tsunami, the world stood by those affected in India. Today, our brothers and sisters in Haiti have been devastated by an earthquake, and we must support the rehabilitation of their lives.

Although AIF will not be working directly in Haiti, we are raising funds to support partner organizations of ours that are working on the relief and rehabilitation efforts on the ground. We will channel 100 % of your funds toward the William J. Clinton Foundation and CARE International, both of which are working with communities in Haiti to begin the long process of rebuilding.

Here is Anne C. Richard, VP of International Rescue Committee on eight things you should know about Haiti, including one important point about giving:

8. Give money. Americans are generous and want to take action. Most want to roll up their sleeves and do something. But for most of us, sending supplies or jumping on a plane to Haiti or offering to adopt an orphan are all bad ideas. Small shipments of mis-matched supplies that sit unclaimed at airports take up space and become a barrier to aid delivery. Untrained personnel occupy needed shelter and eat into supplies. Orphaned children belong with their relatives and efforts should be made to trace them. The best thing to do is to give money, which can be used to procure major relief deliveries of essential materials. It can also be used to buy food and pay staff locally — helping to get Haitians back on their feet. If writing a check does not salve that urge to do more, then the best advice is to help organize fundraisers and to keep giving, long after Haiti has left the headlines.

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  1. February 9, 2010 6:39 pm

    Glad to know that South Asians are doing their part to help the people of Haiti.

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