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AGO Maharaja exhibit: What’s an “advisory board”?

July 30, 2010

My friend Piali has been blogging for the Art Gallery of Ontario to get out the word about its upcoming exhibit, Maharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts (which will run from November to February).  

In a recent post, Piali talked about how the AGO has created an advisory board with South Asian members, similar to the Friends of South Asia committee at the Royal Ontario Museum, in order to strengthen its ties to Toronto’s huge South Asian diaspora and also make sure that the exhibit and the AGO more generally are accessible to a broader audience.  I love how she refers to the advisory board as the “Aunties and Uncles” of the museum! 

The series has continued, with another post about the specific kinds of things the advisory board discusses with the AGO.  Piali offers great insights into what exactly an advisory board member contributes to a nonprofit.

Are you on any advisory boards or boards of directors for nonprofits?  Keep an eye out here at the SAPP blog for more profiles of South Asian board members like our recent interview with Mallika Dutt to learn more about what it takes to be on a board.

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