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Interesting links – political giving, charity jugalbandi, and more

August 12, 2010

More summer links to explore!  Sorry for the sparse posting – we’re out and about in enjoying the sunshine…

  • Nancy and Mallika Dutt talked about the rise of political giving among South Asian Americans, so it was very cool to see an interview with Reshma Saujani, who is running for Congress, in the NYTimes.
  • This Forbes Business India article on family and corporate philanthropy in India discusses three emerging trends for giving in that country: corporate social responsibility, individual and family foundations, and what the authors call “family-corporate jugalbandi“.
  • Just got an email reminder about SAALT’s Be the Change 2010 – registration is now open for all you volunteers out there!
  • The Globe and Mail had a very interesting article on individual charitable giving in Canada and how we measure up – especially compared to the billionaires who have taken a pledge to give away half their wealth (as Nancy covered here).  I’m interested in learning more about Benefaction Canada, a public foundation mentioned in the article that operates donor-advised funds and other services for individual philanthropists, corporate givers and charities.
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