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Interesting links – Mahindra gives to Harvard, Gates in China, and more

October 12, 2010

Here are some things we are reading about these days:

  • We were excited to see that South Asian Anand Mahindra just gave a $10 million gift to Harvard University.  He is a grad of Harvard Business School and an executive at the Mahindra Group in India.  Harvard reports:  “It is the largest gift for the study of humanities in Harvard’s history, and will advance the unique interdisciplinary collaborations led by center director Homi Bhabha. In recognition, the center will be renamed the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard.”  I was particularly excited to see that the gift was for the humanities – an area of incredible importance in terms of critical thinking and understanding today’s complex world – rather than business, medicine or South Asian studies.  (Hat tip to Sharmila and Philanthropy News Digest.) 

    Anand Mahindra (second from right) with other HBS alums

  • Our friend Deepa Iyer, the executive director of SAALT, was awarded the Generations of Change award at Chhaya CDC’s 10th anniversary event:  “The award recognized the contributions of South Asian leaders who have shown commitment, action and leadership for issues related to South Asian communities.”
  • Another SAPP friend, Dien Yuen of Asian American Giving, was interviewed by Voice of America about the recent visit to China by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  Interestingly, Dien reports that the Chinese tax and legal system does not yet reward private philanthropy so there was some resistance by billionaires invited to dine with Gates and Buffet.
  • Finally, more coming on this from Venu soon, many you have read this article in the New York Times on Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla’s unique approach to philanthropy and fighting poverty, and his views on nonprofits.

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