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SAPP Guide to Year-End Giving: Priyanka Dubé

December 24, 2010

As the last contributor to the SAPP Guide to Year-End Giving series, I would like to take a look back at 2010 and remark on my charitable giving and actions over the past year as have Archana, Venu, and Sharmila in their blog posts.

Most of my philanthropic work comes in the form of volunteering – whether as an escort at the hospital, helping out at the homeless shelter, university events, a mentor at girls Inc., or giving my time at various cultural centers in Bloomington. I take part in volunteering throughout the year and primarily in Bloomington itself. There are several organizations throughout my hometown but for the few days that I am home, I spend most of my time with friends and family.

When I come home for the holidays, my family and I have this crazy compulsion to just “winter clean” the entire house to make space for things that are lying around (though for my brother it’s for a different reason… room for new video games maybe?). By doing that we are able to generate a mountain of “stuff” we don’t really need anymore. (For me it’s usually the clothes that don’t fit… darn that freshman 15!)  Even if you are unable to volunteer and give your time to an organization, donating some of the things you don’t need any more to a Salvation Army or goodwill is a great way to help out others who are need of the things that you don’t need any more.

If someone were to ask me what they should think about when giving at the end of the year – take a look back at what you have… the support of your friends, the love of your family, and the security of your own home. Without any of these you would not be the same person as you are today. As the New Year comes around, bring a smile to the faces of those in need and take the time to help someone regain some of the these things that they have lost.

–          Priyanka

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