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Trends in Jewish Philanthropy – for South Asians too?

February 11, 2011

I found this essay at the Foundation Center by Lisa Eisen about important trends in Jewish philanthropy to be fascinating.  We’ve written here before about how the Jewish community in North America is often held up as an example for South Asians in terms of philanthropy.

Lisa writes about trends like spend-down foundations, a networked mindset, and generational wealth transfer – and how they are affecting Jewish donors and foundations in particular.  It seems to me that a lot of the trends are impacting philanthropy broadly, beyond the Jewish community, so we should look out for how these trends are affecting South Asians too.  Here’s a money quote about “catalytic philanthropy” that I hope will resonate with South Asian philanthropists out there as well:

Increasingly, Jewish funders are comfortable with the unique demands of focused, reflective giving, and as a result we can expect to see deeper, richer involvement on the part of many philanthropists with the organizations they fund. Of growing importance among these donors will be cross-organizational collaboration, measurable outcomes, benchmarked results, and proof of return on investment.

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