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Inspiring Bolder Giving

February 23, 2011

Speaking of The Giving Pledge, there’s another effort gaining attention for encouraging everyone to give what they can and to give BOLDLY.   Bolder Giving shares stories, resources and advice to inspire all donors to give at their full lifetime potential.

In fact,  Bolder Giving and the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted another in their series of teleconferences with bold givers today.  The live discussion “Inspiring African-American Donors to Give” featured Cheryl Pemberton, co-founder of the Five Pearls Foundation.  And she’s on a mission:

Philanthropy, the gift of your time, talents or treasure has always existed in the African American community. In the post civil war Jim Crow era of segregation … giving in the community was critical for the survival of those in crisis in the community. Specifically, churches and benevolent organizations provided support financial and otherwise when there was a death in the family. Today, most of our giving still goes through religious institutions, however, with a developing middle class–upper class with disposable income there are opportunities for more strategic giving with greater long-term impact.

We can ask similar questions of South Asian giving.  How can we inspire our communities to be bold(er) givers — with our dollars as well as with the clear time and talent we already give so much of?  How can we give more… thoughtfully, creatively and effectively?

Find out if you’re a bolder giver, take this quiz.

Already a bold giver, sign up for the the Bolder Giving Challenge.

And check out the Bolder Giving Workbook to learn more about discovering your giving potential, how much to give and making a giving plan.

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