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More interesting Links – Philanthropy Workshops and Corporate Social Responsibility

March 14, 2011

Below are some intersting links that came up on my Google reader.  I hope to delve into these a bit later today or tomorrow, but wanted to get the news out as fast as possible.

Teaching the Art of Philanthropy (in India):   Last week, a group of philanthropists from across the globe went together to watch Indian philanthropists in areas ranging from education and healthcare to micro-credit go about their routine in Bangalore.  These altruists were all participants in an exclusive workshop held by a London-based non-governmental organization that aims to teach what it refers to as strategic philanthropy. Known as The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW), and conducted by the Institute for Philanthropy, this program was started in association with the Rockefeller Foundation in 1995 to teach philanthropists how to derive maximum impact from their donations.

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law in India:    will ask companies to spend up to 2% of their net profits on corporate social responsibility (CSR).  There had been some debate about making the committment mandatory, but that now seems unlikely.

There certainly is a lot going on these days in philanthropy and South Asian.  Any thoughts about the above?

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