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Japan Tsunami and Earthquake: How and where to donate

March 16, 2011

We’ve been getting requests for ideas on how and where to donate to Japan. Here are some resources we’ve collected, please post yours!

The American Institute of Philanthropy compiled a list of organizations and ranked them. Two got an A+. CARE and the International Rescue Committee.

Charity Navigator ranked and suggests a list of charities (3 or 4 stars).  There’s also pretty good general guidance on how to make your selections. For example avoid newly formed charities, telemarketers and unsolicited emails; designate your donation; and think carefully before you text or consider sending supplies.

And today on Philanthroper, you can send meals to Japan for a small contribution.  They are also still collecting for medical supplies, Give $1 to Buy $30 in Medical Supplies for Japan; and for Shelterboxes (emergency toolkits).

The Council on Foundations US International Grantmaking group is chock full of info.  

Several different fundraisers are featured on Crowdrise, the online fundraising and volunteer tool that uses crowdsourcing.

The NY-based Japan Society has created a special fund.

Yahoo news also has list of organizations and how they are supporting relief efforts.

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