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Special series on Philanthropy in Indian Publication, Mint

March 23, 2011


My fellow SAPP blogger Venu posted an article about Teaching the Art of Philanthropy (in India) from last week.  I didn’t realize at the time that LiveMint is actually the online counterpart to a print publication based in India, the national business newspaper Mint. Mint has an exclusive agreement with the Wall Street Journal to publish Journal-branded news and information in India and is the second-largest business newspaper in India.

The site has a whole section focused on philanthropy and giving back – Doing GoodCheck it out! 

A special series The Philanthropic Spirit concluded yesterday. It included contributions from a wide range of folks closely engaged with philanthropy who share ideas about how to raise resources and the critical areas that need attention. Pierre Omidyar wrote about India’s entrepreneurs. Azim Premji addressed making meaningful contributions to address social issues. Sonia Gandhi urged businessmen to share the responsibility.  There are posts from Bill Gates on the duty and honor of giving back, Walter Hewlitt on risk-taking, Susan Packard Orr on family philanthropy and Sunil Bharti Mittal on the potential of philanthropy in India, Anand Mahindra on how everyone can be a philanthropist and Shiv Nadar on the value of creative philanthropic solutions. Rohini Nilekani from the private foundation Arghyam summed up the series.

Take some time to peruse the pieces and let us know what you think.

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