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2010 Census: Desis on the Rise

May 18, 2011

USA Today reports on the 2010 Census, noting that “Indians have surpassed Filipinos as the nation’s second-largest Asian population after Chinese.”  Interestingly, we’re taking over California:

New York and New Jersey have traditionally had the largest concentration of Indians, but the data out today show that California’s Silicon Valley has lured a substantial number.

This post by Maximum City author Suketu Mehta paints quite a picture about New York City, immigration, and the American Dream.  He draws on his move from India to Jackson Heights to think about the upward mobility of American immigrants and gives some feeling to the Census’s statistics.

I’m really interested in how this demographic shift or increase will impact philanthropy.  The article describes the professional orientation of many Asian Indians in the US, particularly in the IT industry – will our growing community become more engaged in giving and volunteering in their U.S. communities?  Will we have to bear more responsibility for our civic health if we’re no longer a small minority group?  Will our wealth become a force for positive social change?

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