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Philanthropy Leadership Confluence in Mumbai

July 5, 2011

I was very excited to read about the new “Philanthropy Leadership Confluence” in @lliance magazine (an article by Priya Viswanath, who is featured on our Resources page).  The PLC was the result of a day-long meeting on June 15th in Mumbai organized by the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy and Samhita.  Here’s more:

The meeting brought together grantmakers, private wealth individuals and philanthropy support organizations to explore setting up a network or association of donors… The PLC followed a part-learning, part-interactive format, with the second half comprising interactive sessions. The keynote addresses of the day were followed by simultaneous roundtable sessions that discussed the need for a network of donors, and the activities that such a network could undertake.

The need for a network that would act as an information provider, knowledge builder, adviser, collaborative facilitator and advocate for the sector were some of the aspirations outlined by participants…

This all sounds a lot like what we hope to do with SAPP over the coming years.  Building networks for philanthropy among South Asians in North America is similar to what PLC is doing for donors in India.

I hope that the Philanthropy Leadership Confluence will improve some of the disappointing charitable giving statistics reported this week by the Economic Times:  “Indians still give just 1.5-3% of their annual household incomes, as against 9% by Americans.”  I thought it was interesting to note that both the Economic Times and the @lliance article use the phrase “philanthropy ecosystem” to describe what is emerging in India – and we hope among South Asians in North America too!

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