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Clinton Global Initiative Features Educate Girls Globally at the 2011 Annual Meeting

September 27, 2011

An article dated September 24th, from, discusses the efficacy of Educate Girls Globally (EGG), an organization that has been in the works for almost 10 years. The program was highlighted at the Clinton Global Initiative and has been implemented in several governmental schools in Rajasthan reaching over 260,000 girls and 590,000 children overall.

Taken from the EGG website,

EGG works towards improving girls’ enrollment, retention and academic performance in government schools by leveraging existing community and government resources…EGG’s program success is based on the empowerment of all to work together to improve the schools. Through EGG’s work, schools in Rajasthan have higher attendance, improved infrastructure, more female teachers and increased access to government resources. EGG’s project in three blocks of Pali district contributed to 99% girls’ enrollment, higher attendance and improved academic performance in the 500 schools.”

Due to their successful efforts, at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, EGG proposed to reach over 1 million children by expanding their efforts to 2 additional school districts in India. Furthermore, they plan to expand overseas to Tanzania in 20 communities through a partnership with Global Partners for Development (GPfD).
This program is unique in that is not a traditional philanthropic education program but rather is restructuring the governmental school system through ownership and self-governance. It has been extremely efficacious and has received several awards for its efforts.

For more topics discussed at the CGI Annual Meeting, please click here.

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