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University of Iowa hosts workshop on India diaspora giving

March 25, 2012

Next weekend, I’m headed to University of Iowa for a workshop entitled, “Diaspora Philanthropy and Social Development in India”, sponsored by International Programs at UI.  I’ll be speaking on “Trends and Themes of South Asian American Giving:  Reflections from the South Asian Philanthropy Project”.  The other participants are:

  • Rina Agarwala (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Usha Balakrishnan (Founder, President, and Board Chair, CARTHA)
  • Erica Bornstein (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Pablo Shiladitya Bose (University of Vermont)
  • Verne A. “Van” Dusenbery (Hamline University; Carleton College)
  • Paul Greenough (University of Iowa)
  • Meena Khandelwal (University of Iowa)
  • Ajailiu Niumai (University of Hyderabad)
  • Renu Pariyadath (University of Iowa)
  • Jay Sehgal (Sehgal Family Foundation)
  • Mark Sidel (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Rajesh Tandon, Keynote Speaker (Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), New Delhi, India)
  • Margaret Walton-Roberts (Wilfrid Laurier University Ontario)

I’m really excited to participate in what will be a great interdisciplinary conversation about giving from abroad to India.  I was delighted to see so many Canadians represented among the speakers – being new to Canada myself, of course.  And I am also really curious to talk about SAPP’s work with scholars of law, anthropology, sociology, communications, and more.  One of the things that we at SAPP have been advocating for is a stronger research focus on South Asian giving, whether here in North America or abroad.  This workshop seems like an important step in that direction.

I’ll try to check in with some blog posts after the keynote by Rajesh Tandon, and throughout the workshop!

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