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University of Washington hosts diaspora philanthropy and development event

May 1, 2012

There seems to be something in the air – it seems like there is a lot more attention being paid to the connection between diaspora philanthropy and development projects in South Asia.  We at SAPP are thrilled that academia and the nonprofit sector are setting out to really examine the relationships and make diaspora giving more impactful.

First we had the Iowa workshop I attended recently (and the excellent keynote).  And now, we have the third workshop in a series put on by the University of Washington’s South Asia Center, entitled:  “Development, Diaspora & the Next Generation III: Mapping, Learning and Building South Asian Community“.  Aimed at Seattle-area NGOs as well as faculty and students that do work in South Asia, the workshop is part of a series examining best practices and networks of philanthropy and development among the diaspora.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful chat with the Center’s director Prof. Priti Ramamurthy yesterday, and I hope that SAPP can do more to promote the outcomes of this workshop.  With Seattle located in such a hub of technology (Microsoft) and philanthropy (Gates Foundation), I look forward to seeing what the Center and this series will do in the future.

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