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Sharik Currimbhoy pledges $12M+ to Columbia University

February 18, 2013

Sharik Currimbhoy

Just catching up on some gift news from the end of 2012 – Columbia University reported that Delhi-based entrepreneur Sharik Currimbhoy pledged $12.2 million “to support research and fellowships with a focus on India and emerging markets.”  Currimbhoy is a Columbia alum, and had focused his previous philanthropy to his home country of India – this is his first international gift at this level.

I thought this tidbit from the Economic Times was fascinating, and hopefully highlights the different motivations of South Asians in their philanthropy, including lucky dates and inspiring others!:

[Currimbhoy] chose 12.12.12 to officially announce his gift because he felt it was a lucky date and would also grab the attention of other members of the university alumni. He now hopes that his gift will inspire many of them, especially those from India, to contribute towards their alma mater.

More news from Columbia here and here.  Congratulations and thank you to Sharik Currimbhoy!

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